YOU ARE PREGNANT! Unfortunately, you still have to be patient until you can see your baby.
Of course you are curious about how the baby moves, what it's face looks like, what it's gender will be and the beating of the heart.
Fortunately, you don't have to wait until birth and you can admire your baby now with a fun ultrasound: a 2D ultrasound and a 3D ultrasound!
With a fun ultrasound you can create unique and beautiful images of your little one, it adds a special moment and a lasting memory to your pregnancy.


Your story starts with a fun ultrasound and gender determination!
Come and enjoy your baby, possibly together with friends and family, in my homely fun ultrasound studio in Dronten!
Easily accessible from the A6, train and bus from Almere, Harderwijk, Lelystad, Zeewolde, Emmeloord, Ermelo, Kampen and Zwolle.


 Introduce myself 

My name is Suzanne Pinter.
I am the owner of Echo Fun Suzan.

With a fun ultrasound I will make your pregnancy an extra special experience!
I look forward to your arrival! 

About me

  Echo Fun Suzan 

Fun ultrasound starting price just €35
You can pay by card or cash

Second change in case of unfavorable location

From 7 weeks of pregnancy

Trained sonographer


Latest high-end ultrasound device


In addition to you, 4 additional people are welcome

Open in the evenings and weekends without surcharge


No additional charge for twins


3D ultrasound to 6D & 6D Ultra from Pretecho6D


Fun ultrasound studio-Echo Fun Suzan
Fun ultrasound studio-Echo Fun Suzan
Gender determination Ultrasound: from 15 weeks pregnant
Gender determination Ultrasound: from 15 weeks pregnant
3D/4D Ultrasound face: between 24-30 weeks pregnant
3D/4D Ultrasound face: between 24-30 weeks pregnant
3D/4D Echo gezichtje: tussen 24-30 weken zwanger
3D/4D Echo gezichtje: tussen 24-30 weken zwanger
3D to 6D enhancement
3D to 6D enhancement
3D/4D Echo: tussen 15-21 weken zwanger
3D/4D Echo: tussen 15-21 weken zwanger

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 Frequently Asked Questions 

  •  Medical ultrasound possible here ? 
    This is a fun ultrasound purely for fun, I do not make a medical pregnancy ultrasound.
  •  Can I take more people with me to the ultrasound? 
    In addition to yourself, you can bring 4 people with you.
  •  Pregnant when first ultrasound? 
    From 6 weeks something is visible, from 7 to 40 weeks you can have a 2D ultrasound pregnancy made.
  •  Gender determination from when? 
    Gender determination from 15 weeks, you can also have a second ultrasound scan after 15 weeks if your baby does not show the gender!
  •  When is the best time to have a 3D fun ultrasound made? 
    A 3D/4D ultrasound is fun during the entire pregnancy, but it is best between 24-30 weeks pregnant because the face is clearest then, does your baby not show itself?
    You can take a free resit for up to 30 weeks!
  •  Where can I have the fun ultrasound made? 
    In the homely studio: Echo Fun Suzan - fun ultrasound Dronten.
  •  What is the best way to get to the Pretecho studio in Dronten? 
    The fun ultrasound studio is easily accessible from the A6 highway, Almere, Biddinghuizen, Elburg, Elspeet, Emmeloord, Epe, Ermelo, Genemuiden, Harderwijk, Hasselt, Hattem, Heerde, Kampen, Lelystad, Lemmer, Nijkerk, Nunspeet, Putten, Swifterbant, Urk, Wezep, Zeewolde, and Zwolle.
    There is also a train station in Dronten and a good bus connection.