Terms and Conditions

1. General
The following conditions apply to all reservations and services of Echo Fun Suzan, located in Dronten, Chamber of Commerce number 90207718, and its clients.
All clients are deemed to have taken note of these General Terms and Conditions, which can be found on the Echo Fun Suzan website.
Agreements that deviate from these general terms and conditions are only binding if they are made in writing between Echo Fun Suzan and her
client have agreed.

2. Make an appointment
2.1 You can make an appointment for a fun ultrasound via the appointment module on the website.
After making the appointment, each client receives an appointment confirmation and has agreed to the general terms and conditions.
In view of this, clients are deemed to have taken note of these general terms and conditions so that these general terms and conditions form part of the agreement with Echo Fun Suzan.
The appointment for an ultrasound is final when it is confirmed by email.
The appointment to make an ultrasound scan, as well as having the ultrasound scan performed, is done at the free will and choice of the individual client.
2.2 Ultrasound Fun Suzan is entitled to reschedule the appointment if there is an exceptional situation, for example due to illness of the ultrasound technician, private circumstances or technical lack of equipment.
The new appointment to be scheduled will be made in consultation, no refund will be given.
2.3 The ultrasound takes place in the ultrasound studio at the address: Komijn 29 in Dronten.

3. Quality of the Fun Ultrasound
3.1 Echo Fun Suzan does her utmost to create images with the best result within the time limit of the appointment.
The quality of the imaging depends on the thickness of the abdominal wall, the amount of amniotic fluid, the position and mobility and the position of the placenta. No guarantees can be given for the quality of the images.
3.2 If the fun ultrasound 3D/4D between 24-30 weeks or a gender determination after 15 weeks is unexpectedly unsuccessful because the baby is not in a good position or for a reason decided by Echo Fun Suzan, a new appointment may be made once free of charge within the remaining appointment time.
No refund will be made.
3.3 When making a 3D ultrasound for a 6D or 6D ultra, the 3D ultrasound is always paid for, but a refund can be given for the 6D or 6D ultra.

4. Liability
4.1 The aim of a fun ultrasound is to show beautiful and fun images of your unborn child.
The fun ultrasound is in no way medical-diagnostic.
No abnormalities are looked for or examined, if there is any suspicion you should contact the doctor or midwife.
4.2 By agreeing to the general terms and conditions, the client is clear that there is in no way a medical treatment agreement, as referred to in Article 7:446 of the Dutch Civil Code.
No statement made during or after the ultrasound may be interpreted as a medical assessment.
Echo Fun Suzan can never be held accountable in connection with any abnormalities that may subsequently appear to affect the unborn child.

5. Harmful effects
5.1 Ultrasound Fun Suzan operates the ultrasound equipment in a manner that is safe for use during pregnancy according to guidelines known to her.
5.2 Despite years of scientific research, no harmful effects are known to date from the use of ultrasound equipment.
5.3 Echo Fun Suzan is not liable for any harmful effects in the short or longer term in connection with the use of an ultrasound device. Echo Fun Suzan is also not liable for any damage caused by the use of the transducer head on the abdomen.

6. Gender determination
6.1 From 15 weeks it is possible to have a sex determination carried out at Echo Fun Suzan.
The gestational age is calculated from the due date as determined during the term ultrasound between 10-12 weeks.
6.2 100% certainty can never be given when determining gender. Echo Fun Suzan accepts no liability for any incorrect indication.

7. Obligation to make an effort
7.1 Our fun ultrasound scans are performed with high-quality equipment and with great care and professionalism.
The fun ultrasounds are performed by a well-trained ultrasound technician, which means that she has completed various intensive courses and training for making fun ultrasounds.

8. Payment
8.1 Payment is made by card or cash before the start of the appointment.
8.2 Payment must be made immediately after the ultrasound has been performed.
It is not permitted to record images yourself. If the payment obligation is not met, Echo Fun Suzan has the right to retain the images obtained.
8.4 An ultrasound from Echo Fun Suzan is performed non-medically. This will not pass through the see insurance costs will be reimbursed.
The costs for a fun ultrasound are for the client's own account or, in the case of a gift voucher, for the person who ordered the gift voucher.
8.5 The rates can be adjusted at any time, rates made during the appointment are fixed.

9. Cancel
9.1 Cancellation by the client must take place at least 24 hours before the scheduled time of the appointment (this varies per appointment made and will be indicated by a reminder email)
9.2 In the event of late cancellation or if the client is not at the agreed location, Echo Fun Suzan will charge the full costs of the agreed ultrasound.
In case of timely cancellation, no costs will be charged.

10. Copyright
Echo Fun Suzan has the authority to anonymously use the images obtained for promotional purposes, unless the client requests in writing not to do so.

Good to know

I don't do medical ultrasounds.
In addition to yourself, you can bring 4 people.
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