3D/4D Fun 

Best between 24-30 weeks 

30 minutes   €80,- €70

3  pictures in color
images digital download

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 3D/4D Long Fun 

 Best between 24-30 weeks 

 45 minutes  €110,- €100


3 pictures in color
Images digital download

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 Good to know 

  • I don't do medical ultrasounds.
  • In addition to yourself, you can bring 4 people with you.
  • Is your baby unexpectedly not in a good position? You can come back again for free if you are up to 30 weeks pregnant!
  • Easily accessible from highway A6, Almere, Harderwijk, Zeewolde, Emmeloord, Ermelo, Kampen and Zwolle.

Up to 20 weeks of pregnancy, it is advisable to drink extra and not to apply fat or oil to the abdomen, as this will give better results.
I can portray your little one very well, but there are a number of factors over which I have no influence, which influence the images, this is:

  • The location of the placenta
  • The amount of amniotic fluid
  • The thickness of the abdominal wall
  • The position/size of the baby
  • The baby's mobility

    On the internet you often see the clearest images of a 3D ultrasound, so these can differ per ultrasound due to these factors.

 Speciale wensen? Ik denk graag met je mee!